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  • beautyimarked 10:24 am on August 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    mind antics 

  • beautyimarked 1:59 am on August 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    when we come together 

    call me cheesy but i saw someone awesome there

    photo credits : gabriella

    this is the shot in which i called xin wei an ‘ah beng’

  • beautyimarked 9:46 am on August 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    seriously.the best days are coming 

    omg when was the last time i posted something?

    anyway the really good days have passed and i predict that there’s only two more good days to come til after psle

    why do we all have to take this examination? i hope it ceases to exist by the time my kids at twelve but marck says he begs to differ because if no one takes the damn exam than nobody would be able to tell apart the stupid from the smart

    and honestly stupid and don’t wanna study are two different people groups

    sometimes when i argue with my parents i’ll say im stupid than they’ll go ‘you’re not stupid.you just dont want to study’

    yeah thats me the ‘dont-wanna-study-girl’

    scoff.i know i have to study but i’ve never cultivated the habit of sitting still at my desk without music/without fidgeting/without distractions to just do crappy worksheets which i know are good for me

    i miss the good ol’ days and by those days i mean like three weeks ago

  • beautyimarked 8:56 am on July 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    omg his a dad 

    just did my daily flip of people.com and omigosh christiano renaldo is a father

    i cannot believe such a not-so-hot expensive player is a dad.shows how irresponsible he is ūüôā

    ignore the smiley face.its a bad thing

    im just not a fan of instant like.i dont believe in instant like and instant likes always turn out ugly

    becoming to close friends with someone too fast results in a bitchy relationship.thinking she’s a bitch than slowly getting to know her is the way most of my good friendships come along.either that or long-time relationships.

    im far from a fan of the twilight saga.dont even watch the movie.dont want to read the book.vampires are stupid creatures with fangs that apparently,in this book fights with a furry werewolf to win over an ugly crude girl.

    character-wise mind you not the actress/actors themselves

    i feel so good spouting on how much i hate twilight.this is an instant hate that wont change.those golden glow eyes just piss me off and yes,im happy with that

  • beautyimarked 12:27 pm on June 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    bunny suicides 

    naomi borrowed a book from grace a week before school ended and we read it together.okay,not read but saw and this is what we saw…

    …and enjoyed

  • beautyimarked 8:40 am on June 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    trip back to the country side 

    over the weekend me and my family went back to malaysia to visit our relatives and well…to shop.its a guilty pleasure with everything’s price cut in half there.managed to buy stuff i needed

    i can officially say my father’s side of the family is in the food industry.well technically

    we reached my grandma’s house at around 11pm on friday night and woke up at around 8am the next day

    we had our usual awesome fried chicken with spicy rice breakfast than i proceeded to lie on my deceased grandfather’s hand-made beds for an hour listening to music while playing lumines blocks for the next hour while my brother and mum went for their haircuts.made a new high score and holy shit is it awesome


    yeah.managed to stop in time for that perfect score

    my cousin told me about some bird eggs and their extremely cute.cant remember the last time i saw real bird eggs in a nest

    vintage feel (:

    for lunch we headed to my uncle’s man-chang-kuei store and i really need more of those peanut butter cakes

    we bought a couple of thin kinds and a couple of thick.total amount paid was 8RM which roughly cost $4

    its cheap.good.food

    its fantastically oily.the steps to making it are easy.just need the skill

    1. spread the flour mixture over hot pan
    2. coat with sugar,melted butter and peanut

    and thats it.seriously

    after the man-chang-kuei lunch we headed for a drink.a healthy one indeed at my other uncle’s store.his fruit juice comes in cups the height of my big fat head so yeah,imagine that.he mixes different fruits and adds fruit pieces inside.brother ordered some duck.greedy pig

    photos taken this morning with my sister.the country side is peaceful but im just not suited for it

    my point was trying to capture the ant if you look closely near the bottom you can see it

  • beautyimarked 5:54 am on June 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    the $300 frying pan 

    lately as you all know,the great singapore sale has been on and my mother isn’t those kind that go crazy about all the branded products because she says she’s had enough of all the bags,shoes and clothes

    this year we went on the household items craze and boy did she find good deals

    she found something she really wanted for a while and it was a cast iron frying pan and it was half-price off so it cost $150

    my sister and i tried it out the other day with out mum standing by helping us

    i can never get straight non-blurry photos of cooking

    the end product

    sigh i wish i had fisheye lens

    than at night i saw remy sleeping on his exercise wheel again.he really does everything but run on it

    and because of my cough i had to ban myself from pretzels

    and monday after piano lesson.another awesome day at xin wei’s house

    xin wei’s funky nails
    here are mine

    gah to my ugly feet.

    big ugly plaster was because of this

    mainly it was too itchy so i had to ‘tape it up’

    xin wei showing her photographic side with her favourite nail polish and the oxy she gave me in the background

    one of the four compos i had to copy

    another rainy sunday afternoon

    once again THANKS ALY FOR LUKE ‚̧

  • beautyimarked 10:56 am on June 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    the awesome week [two] 


    on saturday i was watching nigella lawson and damn she inspired me to go make something delicious to eat so i weirdly got fridge items and starting making the dish above

    basically it was just agar-agar [chinese style jelly] with shredded apple on top coated in vanilla cream yogurt.

    didn’t taste as bad as i thought but maybe next time i’ll skip the yogurt


    the first official monday-holiday in june.woke up at around nine and ate honey oats while watching giuliana and bill on e entertainment.went with melissa,sophie and xin wei to mayflower primary for our national tchoukball training and boy was it fun


    tuesday.had math supplementary in the morning from eight til twelve.realised that my phone crashed and all the main buttons weren’t working.stood in the rain for a while before having the brain to go back home.changed into long sleeve floral print yellow-grey-black-white tee and went out with sister to TCC to have lunch with brandon and jie ying and later proceeded to the Pet Lover’s Centre to pick up my new hamster remy [photo above] and gosh is he white

    his like a polar bear.everything’s white except his giant eyes and grey tinted ears

    went home to put remy back and went shopping with my mother and sister and had dinner at orchard central’s quiznos.food was pretty good.a better version of subway


    yesterday on the way home from my piano lesson which was nine in the morning.curse morning classes

    headed to xin wei’s house a little later on to do a little mugging and boy did a lot of drama happen.all censored of course ūüôā


    late lunch tea and the lovely sky with non-stinky knee pads.went back to isetan with mummy again to get the ridiculously heavy frying pan.will update with more photos but im just feeling so feverish ūüėõ

  • beautyimarked 12:21 pm on June 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    back to basics – bicycles 

  • beautyimarked 6:54 am on June 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    feeling cadet 

    cadet : a trainee in a business or profession
    cadet : a student in a national service academy or private militaryschool or on a training ship

    i feel like im being both of the above meanings.my room is in a big mess and i have been given full-on responsibility by jeff [national tchoukball mens coach] to get the contacts of everyone asap so he can plan our june holiday training schedule

    *sigh* this only means

    100 push-ups
    100  crunches
    90 defense-ball  low throws [and another 90 for catching]
    90 defense-ball range throws [and another 90 catching]

    and that is followed by a match against the boys

    there’s a guinea pig.im trying to get her on the table but that means later i have to clean its poo but…its so cute

    guinea pigs are deceivers

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