seriously.the best days are coming

omg when was the last time i posted something?

anyway the really good days have passed and i predict that there’s only two more good days to come til after psle

why do we all have to take this examination? i hope it ceases to exist by the time my kids at twelve but marck says he begs to differ because if no one takes the damn exam than nobody would be able to tell apart the stupid from the smart

and honestly stupid and don’t wanna study are two different people groups

sometimes when i argue with my parents i’ll say im stupid than they’ll go ‘you’re not just dont want to study’

yeah thats me the ‘dont-wanna-study-girl’

scoff.i know i have to study but i’ve never cultivated the habit of sitting still at my desk without music/without fidgeting/without distractions to just do crappy worksheets which i know are good for me

i miss the good ol’ days and by those days i mean like three weeks ago