omg his a dad

just did my daily flip of and omigosh christiano renaldo is a father

i cannot believe such a not-so-hot expensive player is a dad.shows how irresponsible he is 🙂

ignore the smiley face.its a bad thing

im just not a fan of instant like.i dont believe in instant like and instant likes always turn out ugly

becoming to close friends with someone too fast results in a bitchy relationship.thinking she’s a bitch than slowly getting to know her is the way most of my good friendships come along.either that or long-time relationships.

im far from a fan of the twilight saga.dont even watch the movie.dont want to read the book.vampires are stupid creatures with fangs that apparently,in this book fights with a furry werewolf to win over an ugly crude girl.

character-wise mind you not the actress/actors themselves

i feel so good spouting on how much i hate twilight.this is an instant hate that wont change.those golden glow eyes just piss me off and yes,im happy with that