trip back to the country side

over the weekend me and my family went back to malaysia to visit our relatives and well…to shop.its a guilty pleasure with everything’s price cut in half there.managed to buy stuff i needed

i can officially say my father’s side of the family is in the food industry.well technically

we reached my grandma’s house at around 11pm on friday night and woke up at around 8am the next day

we had our usual awesome fried chicken with spicy rice breakfast than i proceeded to lie on my deceased grandfather’s hand-made beds for an hour listening to music while playing lumines blocks for the next hour while my brother and mum went for their haircuts.made a new high score and holy shit is it awesome


yeah.managed to stop in time for that perfect score

my cousin told me about some bird eggs and their extremely cute.cant remember the last time i saw real bird eggs in a nest

vintage feel (:

for lunch we headed to my uncle’s man-chang-kuei store and i really need more of those peanut butter cakes

we bought a couple of thin kinds and a couple of amount paid was 8RM which roughly cost $4


its fantastically oily.the steps to making it are easy.just need the skill

1. spread the flour mixture over hot pan
2. coat with sugar,melted butter and peanut

and thats it.seriously

after the man-chang-kuei lunch we headed for a drink.a healthy one indeed at my other uncle’s store.his fruit juice comes in cups the height of my big fat head so yeah,imagine that.he mixes different fruits and adds fruit pieces ordered some duck.greedy pig

photos taken this morning with my sister.the country side is peaceful but im just not suited for it

my point was trying to capture the ant if you look closely near the bottom you can see it