the $300 frying pan

lately as you all know,the great singapore sale has been on and my mother isn’t those kind that go crazy about all the branded products because she says she’s had enough of all the bags,shoes and clothes

this year we went on the household items craze and boy did she find good deals

she found something she really wanted for a while and it was a cast iron frying pan and it was half-price off so it cost $150

my sister and i tried it out the other day with out mum standing by helping us

i can never get straight non-blurry photos of cooking

the end product

sigh i wish i had fisheye lens

than at night i saw remy sleeping on his exercise wheel again.he really does everything but run on it

and because of my cough i had to ban myself from pretzels

and monday after piano lesson.another awesome day at xin wei’s house

xin wei’s funky nails
here are mine

gah to my ugly feet.

big ugly plaster was because of this

mainly it was too itchy so i had to ‘tape it up’

xin wei showing her photographic side with her favourite nail polish and the oxy she gave me in the background

one of the four compos i had to copy

another rainy sunday afternoon

once again THANKS ALY FOR LUKE ❤