the awesome week [two]


on saturday i was watching nigella lawson and damn she inspired me to go make something delicious to eat so i weirdly got fridge items and starting making the dish above

basically it was just agar-agar [chinese style jelly] with shredded apple on top coated in vanilla cream yogurt.

didn’t taste as bad as i thought but maybe next time i’ll skip the yogurt


the first official monday-holiday in june.woke up at around nine and ate honey oats while watching giuliana and bill on e entertainment.went with melissa,sophie and xin wei to mayflower primary for our national tchoukball training and boy was it fun


tuesday.had math supplementary in the morning from eight til twelve.realised that my phone crashed and all the main buttons weren’t working.stood in the rain for a while before having the brain to go back home.changed into long sleeve floral print yellow-grey-black-white tee and went out with sister to TCC to have lunch with brandon and jie ying and later proceeded to the Pet Lover’s Centre to pick up my new hamster remy [photo above] and gosh is he white

his like a polar bear.everything’s white except his giant eyes and grey tinted ears

went home to put remy back and went shopping with my mother and sister and had dinner at orchard central’s was pretty good.a better version of subway


yesterday on the way home from my piano lesson which was nine in the morning.curse morning classes

headed to xin wei’s house a little later on to do a little mugging and boy did a lot of drama happen.all censored of course 🙂


late lunch tea and the lovely sky with non-stinky knee pads.went back to isetan with mummy again to get the ridiculously heavy frying pan.will update with more photos but im just feeling so feverish 😛