floral doc martnes get me high

so now that it’s post-exam i spend most of my time surfing the internet for useless photos that amuse me and i was surfing people.com when i saw this photo album of celeb stars and their twitpics of their shoes and selena gomez took a photo of her floral doc martens

doc martens women boots are getting hot now and now im craving for a pair even though me wearing them in public is probably never because the weather in singapore is horrible.first it was cold season and now its already been 4 straight hot days with no rain

i searched the floral doc martens and…

its like funky and feminine rolled into one.

oohhh…another addiction thats coming out is wellingtons.their quite pricey but below $100 but i think its in USD which means its double the price in singapore

im really peeved at myself for being addicted to wanting expensive things i want.although there’s something i really really really want

i want a DSLR

somebody willing to buy for me?