exam mode paid off

anyway before i begin ranting…

if your bored and want to visit some websites here are some suggestions (: thanks to 8DAYS my weekly addiction magazine

endless lists of odd items
charitable online shopping
home improvement

*warning.third link may lead to cause severe apartment envy and trigger impulse buys

rant time

results which i am some-what happy with.a first in many years.after my first two years in primary school my results kind of went down-hill but this whole exam mode thing mr tan talked to us about got us up and about

his expectations are still beyond my limits though.this week’s a tough one

today was already entering the first part of hell.the training today was not thrill but torture.

i had to rush home,pack-me-up than run back to school
than rush of complaints from the girls saying mr moiz got heated and screamed at them coz they weren’t in their pe attires

swear he didnt tell us there was training today in school and as it turns out its compulsory so i had to cancel my piano lesson.skipping theory lesson for two weeks in a row makes me feel like a rotten piano note

one more week off and everything about irregular time signature is gonna get out of my head for good

results mean that i can actually do full-time texting with my sms buddy (: TRE!

meaningless shit you can just see to make yourself envy me

composition – 23/40 [i might have wrote a tad out of point]
listening comp. – 18/20 [fix my ear.one of the lowest marks in class]
written paper – 65/95 [not as bad as you think even though i think i did shit]

multiple-choice – 18/20 [mind went crazy after i realised i had really little time left]
open-ended a – 15/20 [plainly careless and a couple of seriously-dont-know questions]
open-ended b – 41.5/60 [4.5 marks left out to carelessness.i slapped myself for all those questions]

when mr tan flipped through my paper i told him i got an ‘A’ by half a mark and he actually said ‘good’ he said now i have an aim and i should now be aiming for a high A and A*

oral – 39/50
composition – 27/40
multiple choice – 32/46

i guess thats all.i left out science as i think i did shitty and only half my results for science is out

ta-ta.my fourth finger is deformed so…ouch