nicknames dont have ‘nick’ inside

ever wondered how my nickname was made up?,since im bored.i’ll post about nicknames.the picture above is of dried anchovies or in asia,better known as ikan bilis

isabella = ikan bilis

honestly,i dont really know the real reason why my name is ikan bilis but i guess

  1. isabella = four syllables
    ikan bilis = four syllables

i guess thats the relation.its sticking but i rather people call me izzy

xin wei said that it sorta means my hair’s fizzy but in true fact my hair’s puffy so…xin wei’s philosophy fails just this once

i have decided to give xin wei the nickname : chubby cheeks.
she claims their ugly.she claims she’s fat.but obviously she hasn’t seen my thighs yet

today during recess,we had this whole ‘pinch xin wei’s cheeks’ thing.come on..they do look like they want to be pinched real bad

how is that not chubby cheeks?

here are tchoukball people and their very interesting nicknames and the stories behind


better known as zephy

story : his name was too long.

Zi Wei
better known as porcupine

story : the hair

Chao Wei
better known as mickey mouse

story: chao wei is short.chao wei is cute.chao wei looks just like a cartoon

better known as nik

story : original name is as of our terms,too formal

Yong Tat
better known as egg tart

story : yong somewhat sounds like yoke.therefore,the egg part.tart…well tat

Yan Zuo
better known as yan dao

story : coach francis


you know what? this is a retarded post.i have no life.well,to entertain are some photos from when i went to the Singapore Flyer two days ago.

my thoughts about the trip :

for singaporeans : its not worth the crap money you pay.singapore is a never-ending under-construction country and if you do want to take the flyer,wait for a couple of years when the Gardens by the Bay is done.that plot of land is just brown crap now

i still love singapore.the city life and everything

i suggest you do in the day if you are very interested in the night,you’ll be starring at construction lights and glowing work cranes.

for tourist : take it (: it will improve your view of singapore and take it at around 11 am to 5 pm.than you’ll have time to explore the near-by Esplanade and shopping malls

before dropping at the flyer we went to fetch my cousin which meant i saw her baby brother,daniel (: managed to take some photos

and for your interest

baby daniel

the best shots out of like 15 photos.

grandma made him laugh by shaking this noisy pink toy.babies are attracted to fast moving objects and noisy things so yeah(:

he has really deep-set double eye lids and his like around 3-4 months old and that hair you see on his head…is one month after trimming it

boys’ hair growth is way faster than girls.UNFAIR!

the flyer

the place

italian gelato

something i really cant appreciate.something too sweet,too expensive and causes brain freeze

my awesome grandma

family : permanently super-glued love