holy booties

my sister has a pair of dirty brown booties from zara

found them pretty cool and according to an online poll,many woman choose these pair of nine west pairs as they favourite

i hate the wooden soles.why cant they just be plastic and fake?

i like these.favourite booties for this girl(:

gucci booties.they also have nice knee-length heel-boots

gucci knee-length killers

oh i found the louboutin version of killer heels

yup.i think their not for singaporeans coz the weather will kill you than you have to take them off and singaporeans aren’t fashion risk-takers so everyone would think you’re crazy and rich to be wearing these babies and still taking the bus

yes.singaporeans aren’t fashion risk takers.you so won’t find anyone here wearing neon-coloured eye-line or bright purple heels with a yellow dress.

coz they would think that you look like a lemon tree blossoming plums

anyway for gucci lovers or bored people you can view their women shoe gallery here

love love .birthday post coming up