being twelve big im officially twelve

yes its my birthday (: and i can reckon its the best birthday i have ever had

the most awesome thing is that mr tan got the whole class to sing a birthday song for me.this is how he went

annika told mr tan that it was my birthday today

at the end of school.near end at least he goes “we should all sing a song for someone the person going out would be [pretends to be random] register number 12 divided by 6”

‘oh no’

than i looked a little retardedly shocked for a while than i got off my seat to the front than i told mr tan

“if your going to sing a birthday song its also Kang Jie’s birthday”

he hears than proceeds “today is a very special day.its isabella’s birthday.
me : *rolls eyes but smiles*

and than kenan goes

than everyone goes ‘ohhhhhhhhhh!’ and ‘whoooooooooo’

than he comes up and the every inch he moves to the right i move two inches to the right.than the whole of humility starts singing the birthday song

at first i just squat on the floor laughing.than during the song i was smiling and pretending to ignore them.

mr tan made a crude joke after that “maybe we should make them do something for us” and everyone was getting rowdy and i was shaking my head NO than mr tan went “but we’ll let them off coz now its during the exam period”

oh thank god.but it was fun

very fun

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes,cards and gifts and a great big thanks to humility six for the birthday song (: