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    floral doc martnes get me high 

    so now that it’s post-exam i spend most of my time surfing the internet for useless photos that amuse me and i was surfing people.com when i saw this photo album of celeb stars and their twitpics of their shoes and selena gomez took a photo of her floral doc martens

    doc martens women boots are getting hot now and now im craving for a pair even though me wearing them in public is probably never because the weather in singapore is horrible.first it was cold season and now its already been 4 straight hot days with no rain

    i searched the floral doc martens and…

    its like funky and feminine rolled into one.

    oohhh…another addiction thats coming out is wellingtons.their quite pricey but below $100 but i think its in USD which means its double the price in singapore

    im really peeved at myself for being addicted to wanting expensive things i want.although there’s something i really really really want

    i want a DSLR

    somebody willing to buy for me?

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    true green day love 

  • beautyimarked 9:19 am on May 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    time to be nasty 

    i smell real bad

    tchoukball training was rough today and let me tell you.competition is in two days.in less than 48 hours in which in between those hours include : freaking out/screaming/shitting

    mr moiz just gets all nasty during competition period.its our last -as a school team- competition.the next one would be after PSLE and during july its the inter-national one

    i feel funny saying

    im a national tchoukball player

    even though i am.i feel that that’s called pride.i should be proud of myself but…its just not right

    im too tired to post gonna hear from me soon…after i die

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    exam mode paid off 

    anyway before i begin ranting…

    if your bored and want to visit some websites here are some suggestions (: thanks to 8DAYS my weekly addiction magazine

    endless lists of odd items
    charitable online shopping
    home improvement

    *warning.third link may lead to cause severe apartment envy and trigger impulse buys

    rant time

    results which i am some-what happy with.a first in many years.after my first two years in primary school my results kind of went down-hill but this whole exam mode thing mr tan talked to us about got us up and about

    his expectations are still beyond my limits though.this week’s a tough one

    today was already entering the first part of hell.the training today was not thrill but torture.

    i had to rush home,pack-me-up than run back to school
    than rush of complaints from the girls saying mr moiz got heated and screamed at them coz they weren’t in their pe attires

    swear he didnt tell us there was training today in school and as it turns out its compulsory so i had to cancel my piano lesson.skipping theory lesson for two weeks in a row makes me feel like a rotten piano note

    one more week off and everything about irregular time signature is gonna get out of my head for good

    results mean that i can actually do full-time texting with my sms buddy (: TRE!

    meaningless shit you can just see to make yourself envy me

    composition – 23/40 [i might have wrote a tad out of point]
    listening comp. – 18/20 [fix my ear.one of the lowest marks in class]
    written paper – 65/95 [not as bad as you think even though i think i did shit]

    multiple-choice – 18/20 [mind went crazy after i realised i had really little time left]
    open-ended a – 15/20 [plainly careless and a couple of seriously-dont-know questions]
    open-ended b – 41.5/60 [4.5 marks left out to carelessness.i slapped myself for all those questions]

    when mr tan flipped through my paper i told him i got an ‘A’ by half a mark and he actually said ‘good’ he said now i have an aim and i should now be aiming for a high A and A*

    oral – 39/50
    composition – 27/40
    multiple choice – 32/46

    i guess thats all.i left out science as i think i did shitty and only half my results for science is out

    ta-ta.my fourth finger is deformed so…ouch

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    why im out of the kids section 

    The Diary of Amos Lee
    Adeline Foo

    its by a local mum and in the first book its basically about Amos getting forced by his mother to write in a diary whenever he does his big business in the toilet

    the second book it about sexuality.hello? maybe its because of all the fuss about teaching children about safe sex and everything

    both quite enjoyable and i finished each of them in a day each

    one note : dont buy it.its not worth its price.borrow it from someone coz $13 is mainly for the pictures and not the words

  • beautyimarked 1:13 pm on May 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    nicknames dont have ‘nick’ inside 

    ever wondered how my nickname was made up?

    well..today,since im bored.i’ll post about nicknames.the picture above is of dried anchovies or in asia,better known as ikan bilis

    isabella = ikan bilis

    honestly,i dont really know the real reason why my name is ikan bilis but i guess

    1. isabella = four syllables
      ikan bilis = four syllables

    i guess thats the relation.its sticking but i rather people call me izzy

    xin wei said that it sorta means my hair’s fizzy but in true fact my hair’s puffy so…xin wei’s philosophy fails just this once

    i have decided to give xin wei the nickname : chubby cheeks.
    she claims their ugly.she claims she’s fat.but obviously she hasn’t seen my thighs yet

    today during recess,we had this whole ‘pinch xin wei’s cheeks’ thing.come on..they do look like they want to be pinched real bad

    how is that not chubby cheeks?

    here are tchoukball people and their very interesting nicknames and the stories behind


    better known as zephy

    story : his name was too long.

    Zi Wei
    better known as porcupine

    story : the hair

    Chao Wei
    better known as mickey mouse

    story: chao wei is short.chao wei is cute.chao wei looks just like a cartoon

    better known as nik

    story : original name is as of our terms,too formal

    Yong Tat
    better known as egg tart

    story : yong somewhat sounds like yoke.therefore,the egg part.tart…well tat

    Yan Zuo
    better known as yan dao

    story : coach francis


    you know what? this is a retarded post.i have no life.well,to entertain you.here are some photos from when i went to the Singapore Flyer two days ago.

    my thoughts about the trip :

    for singaporeans : its not worth the crap money you pay.singapore is a never-ending under-construction country and if you do want to take the flyer,wait for a couple of years when the Gardens by the Bay is done.that plot of land is just brown crap now

    i still love singapore.the city life and everything

    i suggest you do in the day if you are very interested in it.in the night,you’ll be starring at construction lights and glowing work cranes.

    for tourist : take it (: it will improve your view of singapore and take it at around 11 am to 5 pm.than you’ll have time to explore the near-by Esplanade and shopping malls

    before dropping at the flyer we went to fetch my cousin which meant i saw her baby brother,daniel (: managed to take some photos

    and for your interest

    baby daniel

    the best shots out of like 15 photos.

    grandma made him laugh by shaking this noisy pink toy.babies are attracted to fast moving objects and noisy things so yeah(:

    he has really deep-set double eye lids and his like around 3-4 months old and that hair you see on his head…is one month after trimming it

    boys’ hair growth is way faster than girls.UNFAIR!

    the flyer

    the place

    italian gelato

    something i really cant appreciate.something too sweet,too expensive and causes brain freeze

    my awesome grandma

    family : permanently super-glued love

  • beautyimarked 9:49 am on May 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    holy booties 

    my sister has a pair of dirty brown booties from zara

    found them pretty cool and according to an online poll,many woman choose these pair of nine west pairs as they favourite

    i hate the wooden soles.why cant they just be plastic and fake?

    i like these.favourite booties for this girl(:

    gucci booties.they also have nice knee-length heel-boots

    gucci knee-length killers

    oh i found the louboutin version of killer heels

    yup.i think their not for singaporeans coz the weather will kill you than you have to take them off and singaporeans aren’t fashion risk-takers so everyone would think you’re crazy and rich to be wearing these babies and still taking the bus

    yes.singaporeans aren’t fashion risk takers.you so won’t find anyone here wearing neon-coloured eye-line or bright purple heels with a yellow dress.

    coz they would think that you look like a lemon tree blossoming plums

    anyway for gucci lovers or bored people you can view their women shoe gallery here

    love love .birthday post coming up

  • beautyimarked 8:10 am on May 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    being twelve 

    okay.no big deal.today im officially twelve

    yes its my birthday (: and i can reckon its the best birthday i have ever had

    the most awesome thing is that mr tan got the whole class to sing a birthday song for me.this is how he went

    annika told mr tan that it was my birthday today

    at the end of school.near end at least he goes “we should all sing a song for someone everyday.today the person going out would be [pretends to be random] register number 12 divided by 6”

    ‘oh no’

    than i looked a little retardedly shocked for a while than i got off my seat to the front than i told mr tan

    “if your going to sing a birthday song its also Kang Jie’s birthday”

    he hears than proceeds “today is a very special day.its isabella’s birthday.
    me : *rolls eyes but smiles*

    and than kenan goes

    than everyone goes ‘ohhhhhhhhhh!’ and ‘whoooooooooo’

    than he comes up and the every inch he moves to the right i move two inches to the right.than the whole of humility starts singing the birthday song

    at first i just squat on the floor laughing.than during the song i was smiling and pretending to ignore them.

    mr tan made a crude joke after that “maybe we should make them do something for us” and everyone was getting rowdy and i was shaking my head NO than mr tan went “but we’ll let them off coz now its during the exam period”

    oh thank god.but it was fun

    very fun

    thanks everyone for the birthday wishes,cards and gifts and a great big thanks to humility six for the birthday song (:

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