today’s the twenty-seventh.so it means KELLY CLARKSON IS PERFORMING IN SINGAPORE TONIGHT!

i know its cool and everything but i think its stupid that i dont get to go coz i dont have the money to buy the tickets.i mean like seriously? who’s 11 and goes to Kelly Clarkson concerts?

random photo from rozzie’s blog.she went to australia
im just a reader of her blog.dont know her personally

random post because my bro left SG for a two-week vacation at Croatia

random fact :
the world’s shortest man dies at age 21
he died after suffering chest pains and he died in rome.his from china and if you wanna know his name.just search him up.

just found out yesterday [im very much outdated]

after watching The Amazing Race.they featured Shanghai and the dude was featured in it and at the end of the show is said “in memory of  He Pingping” and than his picture

fine you got his name

oh no…there’s a new shortest guy in the world.his Khagendra Thapa Magar.and his 52cm

his mongolian.inner mongolian.and so was He Pingping

thats him.He Pingping.not the long name dude guy

i wonder what my brother is doing in Croatia.sleeping? shopping? snapping pics?

i’ve decided to post some of the pics my brother took when he went on his first europe trip with my sister a couple of years ago.

they were taken by the lousy sony digital camera but this time on his croatia trip he took his canon so i think the croatia pics who look awesome


my sister and my brother.loves


cant really believe they took this pic

hello jie if your reading this.i hope you dont mind me posting a pic with YOU in it.im studying…

nice photos? there were over 200 so i took my time to browse through the facebook pics and i posted them up.after two years and i finally saw these photos.what a sister i am *smug*