burned mushrooms

i love mushrooms.

its an addiction.

i walked straight to Fairprice Finest today after school to get mushrooms for my lunch.the thought just stuck me while i was day-dreaming while mr tan was talking about ‘exam mode’

i went to get the mushrooms at the section where all the organic fruits were found and they didn’t have portobello mushys so i got the pre-cut white button mushrooms.it costs $2.50

than i went to line up.there was a Fairprice Finest employee lining up in front of me and than suddenly.her friend [also an employee] cuts in infront of me.obviously i dont have the guts to scold them to i just hold it and get pissed.

this was taken two sundays ago.just the photo above.the rest were taken this afternoon.my lunch turned out to be…lets just say not as nice as i thought i would be ):

im putting myself on a computer-diet.no computer for two weeks [that means til the exams are over] and i bet i’ll be a healthier person.

i must seriously work hard for this year’s mid-year exams.

tomorrow’s my english oral exam

the following would be my chinese.

dear lord please help me