scrunchie addiction

starting the post with the top five songs in singapore this week

  1. Nothing on you

b.o.b and bruno mars.when i first heard the song i thought it was pretty nice than it got nicer and now its just average.i dont even know how it shot up to become number 1 this week

2. World behind my wall

tokio hotel.their gonna be in KL on labour day (: I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL even though i know like only,three of their songs.monsoon,automatic,world behind my wall is love

3. The only exception

by paramore.this song is getting boring.brick by boring brick beats this by a mile.and so does the music video.have you heard the song ‘Airplanes’? by b.o.b and hayley williams of PARAMORE? its awesome.although mavis says it sucks

4. Shut down

no doubt.its akon and pitbull [his coming in may]

5. When i look at you

miley cyrus.its a nice song with meaningful lyrics.from her new movie ‘The Last Song’ where her co-host is her boyfriend.i give them one-to-two years max. prove me wrong miley cyrus

well.i listened because i needed to update don who was in cellgroup and couldn’t listen to the top five songs


today was awesome.and yes,the title.i had a really huge addiction on scrunchies when i had long hair.

they were like my life.scrunchie this scrunchie that.i still keep them because i actually paid for them

American Apparel

yes.aren’t they awesome? but they are classified under 90s fashion which is maybe the reason why i never tied my hair with a scrunchie when im not at home

oh yeah


napfa.deleted the previous post because i thought i sounded like a snob.

i did.i did.i did

overall : 27 points out of 30 points which means a gold for me (:

and xin wei,jayne,gab and many many others

*gulp* congrats christian for passing all your stations

we [mavis and i] started with our sit and reach

sit and reach
first desperate attempt to failure : 34cm
second slightly less desperate attempt [not at failure] : 35cm

mrs karen cheng is like the best sit and reach tester ever!

inclined pull ups
one minute death penalty : 24/minute

this was serious torture.everyone lining up behind the two IPU stations were staring at you.when i was doing : don.percy.dylan.ej : were looking

EJ said i have scary arm muscles.i take that as a compliment.i even score an ‘a’ for the male standard 😉

shuttle run
killed-myself-attempt : 11.82 seconds
i dropped the bean bag.poo ): at least MR TAN [saved my soul] was the tester (: GO MR TAN!

37 sit ups.its freaky when there are only 3 pairs of people doing sit ups at the space for 12 pairs
apparently all the other people had done their sit ups [they were lying]

standing broad jump
162cm for my first attempt and for the second attempt i dropped 20cm to 142cm.HATE

1.6km run
average.was running behind jorell all the time than at the last lap i chionged all the way through and beat him by one position (: time : around seven to eight minutes.around seven minutes yah? seven