aspire hub

four weeks down? or is it three weeks down?

whatever it is only one week more to go and im gonna be free on wednesday.finally,one weekday where i dont have to stay back in school.although i have to admit creative writing class ain’t half bad.i get to gossip with annika and we get to write

not that i love writing.i half hate it.but its just fun to let your imagination go wild since this year much of the imagination shall be expelled from the brain so that knowledge can come in.

ouch.pimple is bleeding.listening to xin wei and squeezing all the dirty blood out

phew.gone and now it just hurts like hell

so today during creative writing class we learnt to show some things and not to just blurb it out and tell ’em

the coffee was enjoyable

the strong aroma of the coffee kick-started my senses.the freshly brewed coffee seemed to call out to me to take a a fish,i took the bait and lifted the cup to my lips

this is the one me,annika,dylan yeo and yi da came up with

the other group that do this was jane’s group.their ‘showing paragraph’

the freshly brewed coffee’s aroma filled my nostrils as my mouth began to water.i gulped down the thick brown liquid in the snowy white porcelain cup to the last drop

well,the nostrils part sounds a little off.but still pretty well done

i am nervous

rivulets of sweat rolled down my face.unconsciously,i started chewing on my finger nails. my eyes darted about nervously,my stomach churned threatening to bowl over

ivan group’s ‘showing paragraph’.what i can say : woah.what does rivulets even mean?

rivulets = a small stream; streamlet; brook

okay,well i should seriously be reading more teenage books.vocabulary boost needed (: RAWR

oh no,just realised have to finish yu wei’s auto book by tmrw.and mr tan’s examinations are tmrw.GOOD LUCK MR TAN!