woooooo…just came back from Pei Tong around half an hour ago.before i start ranting,i know i know i know i need to edit the previous photos because the body of my blog is huge (: smile

i want to make the column on the left slightly wider [width] anyone knows how to? i asked Terence to help me but he couldn’t get it either.not good with HTML

again before i start the ranting again,here’s my spending list for just a single day 😦 STOP SPENDING MONEY ISABELLA!

  1. Pokka Green Tea [im obsessed with you] $1
  2. Instant Noodles [you’re a complete waste of money] $1.60
  3. Random magazine [reason later] $3
  4. 8 DAYS [my weekly dose of celeb news in print paper] $2
  5. Lemon bubble green tea [i needa liquid] $1.30

total expenditure : $8.90

dead.oh wait plus transport = $1.50 + $8.90 = $9.40

well anyway i stole some coins from somewhere (: it was so rushed this whole day

first i followed gab and than i begged xin wei to let me bunk in her house til three.she gave in.than i once again managed to beg her to let me go home and get me stuff [sports shoes,knee-pads]

and than we went to her house.we first went to 7 Eleven to get our lunch [me and gaby] and they got totally distracted at the magazine corner coz the cover page was of Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith.they begged me to buy the mag so i did.it cost me $3.thanks a lot guys and i dont even have it with me

its with xin wei.she said she’ll return it to me tmrw.but how? no clue

at around three gab and i were using xin wei’s computer while she and her lil bro were having lunch and watching Naruto.than gab started saying how she should be doing her homework than it got to me

homework = homework file = consent form for training sessions

while i went psycho coz mr moiz said that if we didnt have the consent form we couldnt train so i took the bus back and ran back home,took the consent form than ran to the bus-stop and waited for 184 to come [with xin wei and gab in it] than we left

phew.made it on time

training started by running four rounds than we did passing and than formation.hated it but it was fun.better than staying at home anyway

ta-ta people.isha’s too tired to post anymore (: