the precious one buck

design sponge

out of almost nothing mr tan started talking about our 1.6km trial run

maybe it wasn’t out of started after recess

before recess we just had our trial run for 1.6km coz our NAPFA test is in around two weeks time.barely received any training sessions.just two half-hour sessions for the five different stations

  1. Sit-reach [most dreaded coz im not at all flexible]
  2. Sit-up [i dont have much endurance so this is also dreaded]
  3. Inclined-pull ups [i used to be excellent in this but after a year of nothing i’ve just become flabby]
  4. Standard broad jump [basically like leap-frog minus the jumping over a person ]
  5. Shuttle-run [ most <3-ed coz im good at short distance running.not long distance running]

im uber happy coz i got into the National U12 team (:

trying to be humble here.see the lack of smiley faces and exclamation marks?

on the same day of the trial run,while we were lining up in the classroom for P.E annika,mavis and sarah suddenly spotted my spotted green skirt after the run i told mr tan about it and it was kinda hilarious because he went all

it’s quite nice what

ah…mr tan.always hilarious.most awesome teacher ever! annika had brought unusual recess that was a pink guava.all green on the inside and flesh-pink on the inside

she looked like a total carnivore.i told mr tan about it and he chuckled and went “full of vitamin C” than annika gave me the ‘haha,he likes the pink guava!’

than annika said she didn’t want it anymore and than she went to get a drink and coincidentally mr tan walked pass so i told him a didnt want it anymore and he was like “okay,i’ll pass it to kenan!” and he did -.- sorry annika

matter of confusion.

after recess mr tan started talking about what he observed during the 1.6 tr and said that we should not stop running and start walking as that proves that we have no determination and its not good for us anyway

bad for our heart

than he started a topic on vulgarities and how we should stop the habit of saying now no saying the f-word and even the s-words like ‘stupid’ and ‘shit’ i cant live without saying shit.well gotta kick the habit.he’s charging us

one singapore doller for each vulgarity we say

$$$ shall be gone but anyway it’s for a good cause.all the proceeds go to out class fund which we would use for our year-end,post-PSLE party (: nice idea mr tan

dylan is sitting infront of us now.pattyy patt-patt

CHEESE! coach francis knows i love that word now.after training Friday,mr moiz was announcing the girls’ names who got in and he was like “Isabella” and coach francis was standing near-by so than he went “CHEESE!” and than everyone was laughing.

cute.and i just discovered