actually my name’s marina

done my me (:

basically i got bored one night so i started sharpening and arranging my colour pencils.than i lined their tips against my name,on a wooden plank.thanks Janis for the name on wooden plank it lots’

recently Hollywood has been a really ‘in’ song

OH.MY.GOSH you look just like Shakira
no wait your katherine-zeta
actually my name’s marina

and i cant believe something.Jim Carrey and Jenny McCartney are over! no way,they are like the sweetest and cutest celebrity couple ever.maybe after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

some more un-believable things

  1. mr moiz swore that the results for out selection [tchoukball] would be out by friday
  2. we might go to Dubai with him in December

the second one really blew my mind

before the guys went to Dubai me and the other gals [disgusting way of saying ‘girls’ so mr tan,stop it!] kept singing a parody for Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’

if i were a boy…i would go to dubai

at least it rhymes kay? he said that we might and might not go there in December.we’ll go if he can find some girls’ teams to play with us.and no if he cant.but i told him that even if he couldn’t find other girls’ teams we could like go there and spectate and holiday! love love love love love love…

WARGH.creative writing class is getting so boring