i know my blog looks screwed.it is

i just cant find a nice theme.not that i didnt like the original one but it was just too green and it started making me puke every time i saw it

its raining in singapore almost everyday 😦 not that its a bad thing but it is when im walking home or when there’s tchoukball practice.easter was rainy.it shouldnt have been.good friday should have been not easter

since i was little and read the bible and Isreal having a huge earth-quake after Jesus’ crusification and than i recorded that it rained every good friday but it seems that the start of this decade is an exception.me no like

usually it would pour half-way through tb practices.today it wasnt so heavy so coach francis said we could continue playing.first we did half-court than full court.

i stuck my tongue out trying to catch a raindrop.my hopes were washed away.yong tat said that its because God didnt want to poison me so he didnt let me catch a raindrop

awwww.seriously the tb guys can be so nice.they are just that sometimes they get whiney and sexist

today was pretty awesome.i totally verbally abused the robotics teacher.when he wasnt looking of course.the morning was kinda boring coz we started with math

its not that i hate math its just that sometimes it can be so boring

after we got a little bit more bored…me and naomi started match-making.including ourselves in the process.basically we chose 10 girls and 10 boys and gave each of the names a number.than we randomly paired numbers and than revealed the names.it was hilarious

i got Kang Jie on the first try and Zachary on the second run

gross.i hate kang jie so much.what a douchebag.than im fine with zachary but i would never ever like date him.his just a guy-friend

wife.girl friend.gal friend.pal.girl
husband.boy friend.guy friend.boy

the level of importance of a person.wife and husband being where the relationship status is the strongest

or at least thats how it should be.fiance falls under wife/husband coz i mean her/him is already a going-to-be spouse

the guys are still in Dubai.hope they win or at least have fun.i love fun.isabella is spelled F.U.N

i also created a full name for me self

Fantabulous-Latte  Cai Jiexin Isabella Apple Awesome-Sauce

annika has an even more awesome one though i cant remember it. >< blame me!

half way through math we went for our robotics lesson.i was talking to mavis than the instructor started yelling at me and mavis [and annika?] and than i was just staring at him coz i mean its dis-respectful to look away when someone is talking to you.than he made this really fugly comment “your staring at me like your got x-ray vision like that ah”

than the whole class laughed and mr tan got mad and was like “STOP IT” they stopped alright

so than i was thinking in my head,if anyone made fun of me this i what im going to say “hey yeah thats pretty cool and wait,stand still.im sorry to tell you that i can see the inside of you and your brain is pea-sized”

didnt come into use coz thankfully no one made fun of me

during chinese we just did a compo.as usual i didnt do well.i can predict i would just pass.the most is get 25 out of 40

when i speak chinese,i sound like an ang-moh

thats what i told coach francis later on.i mean its true.

than after chinese mr tan had already left [for reasons.too lazy to recall what] mr soh came into our class it was hilarious.sherman pissed naomi.naomi took his writing pad,flipped to a random page and wrote “SHERMAN IN A PROSTITUTE” than sherman came back,suspected something,flipped through his pad and saw it.he complained to mr soh [who is 17 this year] and mr soh was like “i tell your something,a guy can never never never never….ever be a prostitute…” than he continued “he can only be a….*snaps fingers while thinking* what is it ah?” “giggelo” replied annika.”ah correct”


well,gotta scram to the shower now.i smell stinky.than gotta do a little theory homework than leave for piano lesson.janis is sick so ain’t here at my hommie 😦 get well soon babe!

oh yeah and poco might get three more friends 🙂 hamsters! though i want a cat