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    burned mushrooms 

    i love mushrooms.

    its an addiction.

    i walked straight to Fairprice Finest today after school to get mushrooms for my lunch.the thought just stuck me while i was day-dreaming while mr tan was talking about ‘exam mode’

    i went to get the mushrooms at the section where all the organic fruits were found and they didn’t have portobello mushys so i got the pre-cut white button mushrooms.it costs $2.50

    than i went to line up.there was a Fairprice Finest employee lining up in front of me and than suddenly.her friend [also an employee] cuts in infront of me.obviously i dont have the guts to scold them to i just hold it and get pissed.

    this was taken two sundays ago.just the photo above.the rest were taken this afternoon.my lunch turned out to be…lets just say not as nice as i thought i would be ):

    im putting myself on a computer-diet.no computer for two weeks [that means til the exams are over] and i bet i’ll be a healthier person.

    i must seriously work hard for this year’s mid-year exams.

    tomorrow’s my english oral exam

    the following would be my chinese.

    dear lord please help me

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    today’s the twenty-seventh.so it means KELLY CLARKSON IS PERFORMING IN SINGAPORE TONIGHT!

    i know its cool and everything but i think its stupid that i dont get to go coz i dont have the money to buy the tickets.i mean like seriously? who’s 11 and goes to Kelly Clarkson concerts?

    random photo from rozzie’s blog.she went to australia
    im just a reader of her blog.dont know her personally

    random post because my bro left SG for a two-week vacation at Croatia

    random fact :
    the world’s shortest man dies at age 21
    he died after suffering chest pains and he died in rome.his from china and if you wanna know his name.just search him up.

    just found out yesterday [im very much outdated]

    after watching The Amazing Race.they featured Shanghai and the dude was featured in it and at the end of the show is said “in memory ofย  He Pingping” and than his picture

    fine you got his name

    oh no…there’s a new shortest guy in the world.his Khagendra Thapa Magar.and his 52cm

    his mongolian.inner mongolian.and so was He Pingping

    thats him.He Pingping.not the long name dude guy

    i wonder what my brother is doing in Croatia.sleeping? shopping? snapping pics?

    i’ve decided to post some of the pics my brother took when he went on his first europe trip with my sister a couple of years ago.

    they were taken by the lousy sony digital camera but this time on his croatia trip he took his canon so i think the croatia pics who look awesome


    my sister and my brother.loves


    cant really believe they took this pic

    hello jie if your reading this.i hope you dont mind me posting a pic with YOU in it.im studying…

    nice photos? there were over 200 so i took my time to browse through the facebook pics and i posted them up.after two years and i finally saw these photos.what a sister i am *smug*

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    the world does not revolve around 


    its happiness

    something retarded that i always face is boys liking me.why me? why me? why me?

    if they say its coz of my looks,i say their blind.but not all of them can be blind right? if they say its coz im smart.get out of here.if they say its coz of tchoukball.i hate you.but the girls think its coz of my personality

    is it?

    facebook ink again
    so this is like a similar post to dot [.] poo but with different contents

    people involved

    [there are 97 comments so i edited it a little]

    you know what? i might die half way editing this whole comment thing


    Gabriel’s status

    isabella : who is it? is it me? coz becky said so

    gabriel : no.someone else

    isabella : oh thank gawd

    gabriel : lol.you cant be that popular

    isabella : i counted.i have around ten people who like me.WHO DOES ZAC LIKE??? just curious

    gabriel : i thought everyone knew

    -than ej comes in-

    ej : zac โค isabella i think

    gabriel : nope.your absolutely wrong

    isabella : WHO DOES HE LIKE

    gabriel : i cant tell.nid security level clearance.high classification files

    -than zephy comes in-

    zephy : julian poh like isabella,yu wei

    ej : see i was right!

    gabriel : hmph.julian poh…GOOD LUCK!

    -than julian comes in-


    gabriel : i have a big mouth but a small jaw sadly…btw im doing adverts for you.no offense

    ej : what? you’re lucky to have so many guys who admirer you

    gabriel : juian likes this man.way to go!!! (:

    isabella : IM NOT LUCKY TO HAVE SO MANY ADMIRERS OK? maybe actually i am *grins*

    ej : yo.chillax.i was just complimentin’ you in a GOOD way [e jun…you are lame for using the word chillax]

    -kyosei comes in-

    kyosei : write a comment…

    isabella : *stones* im the only girl in this debate

    gabriel : more like discussion

    -gabriella [gab] joins in-

    gab : isa:im joining in too so dont be too happy
    julian : OMG ISA TOO?!?!

    -followed by yuwei-

    yuwei : SHUDDUP GABRIEL!!! U SUCK LA ZEPHY AND GABRIEL!! okay gabriel at least u did try to keep ur mouth shut but U FAILED!!

    gab : oh yeah.forgot to mention zac or rather duckling โค lavon [really?]

    -zachary comes in-

    zac : =)) i dont understand why anyone will like phua corn face… well maybe except shaun and julian… they both have very bad taste… ps gabriel u r not to tell anyone who i like, anyway, i dont like anyone at the mean time…
    julian : I WILL NEVER LIKE ISA..SHE IS TOOOO….i only like yuwei i will never like isa
    -now cheryl-
    cheryl : so honest…now everyone knows
    okay fine thats it.the rest is about enkainia and some other shit drama that ain’t related
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    radius [r] : center point of circle to any point of circle

    perimeter /circumference : the outside of the circle [measurement]

    diameter [d] : 2 x radius [2xr]

    area of circle : 1/4 of circle [quadrant] [pie x r x r]

    area of circle : 1/2 of circle [semi-circle]

    circumference of quadrant or semi-circle

    perimeter -> circumference + r +r or circumference + d


    can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?
    i could really use a wish right now wish right now wish right nowww
    can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?
    i could really use a wish right now wish right now wish for now

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    scrunchie addiction 

    starting the post with the top five songs in singapore this week

    1. Nothing on you

    b.o.b and bruno mars.when i first heard the song i thought it was pretty nice than it got nicer and now its just average.i dont even know how it shot up to become number 1 this week

    2. World behind my wall

    tokio hotel.their gonna be in KL on labour day (: I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL even though i know like only,three of their songs.monsoon,automatic,world behind my wall is love

    3. The only exception

    by paramore.this song is getting boring.brick by boring brick beats this by a mile.and so does the music video.have you heard the song ‘Airplanes’? by b.o.b and hayley williams of PARAMORE? its awesome.although mavis says it sucks

    4. Shut down

    no doubt.its akon and pitbull [his coming in may]

    5. When i look at you

    miley cyrus.its a nice song with meaningful lyrics.from her new movie ‘The Last Song’ where her co-host is her boyfriend.i give them one-to-two years max. prove me wrong miley cyrus

    well.i listened because i needed to update don who was in cellgroup and couldn’t listen to the top five songs


    today was awesome.and yes,the title.i had a really huge addiction on scrunchies when i had long hair.

    they were like my life.scrunchie this scrunchie that.i still keep them because i actually paid for them

    American Apparel

    yes.aren’t they awesome? but they are classified under 90s fashion which is maybe the reason why i never tied my hair with a scrunchie when im not at home

    oh yeah


    napfa.deleted the previous post because i thought i sounded like a snob.

    i did.i did.i did

    overall : 27 points out of 30 points which means a gold for me (:

    and xin wei,jayne,gab and many many others

    *gulp* congrats christian for passing all your stations

    we [mavis and i] started with our sit and reach

    sit and reach
    first desperate attempt to failure : 34cm
    second slightly less desperate attempt [not at failure] : 35cm

    mrs karen cheng is like the best sit and reach tester ever!

    inclined pull ups
    one minute death penalty : 24/minute

    this was serious torture.everyone lining up behind the two IPU stations were staring at you.when i was doing : don.percy.dylan.ej : were looking

    EJ said i have scary arm muscles.i take that as a compliment.i even score an ‘a’ for the male standard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    shuttle run
    killed-myself-attempt : 11.82 seconds
    i dropped the bean bag.poo ): at least MR TAN [saved my soul] was the tester (: GO MR TAN!

    37 sit ups.its freaky when there are only 3 pairs of people doing sit ups at the space for 12 pairs
    apparently all the other people had done their sit ups [they were lying]

    standing broad jump
    162cm for my first attempt and for the second attempt i dropped 20cm to 142cm.HATE

    1.6km run
    average.was running behind jorell all the time than at the last lap i chionged all the way through and beat him by one position (: time : around seven to eight minutes.around seven minutes yah? seven

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    bought on impulse 


    yes,i am feeling guilty today.and for once there is a particular reason.

    i blame Nike ZOOM.i blame you guys for your awesome sport shoe designs

    i just tried searching.no online photos of the beauty.they had six colours.i chose purple [international gay colour] coz i thought it looked the nicest and well…i love purple.purple is so not a gay colour

    here are some photos of it.

    got it at Alternative Sports at Queensway Shopping Centre.the most awesome sports complex in singapore.i swear

    i dont know why i chose to get the socks.they cost $9.90.im slightly delusional now.sigh.NIKE has hypnotized me

    okay.i admit.VERY BAD MACRO SHOT

    my weakness is purple

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    writer’s post 

    thought it might be a good laugh.
    great thing about this theme is that i can write posts and publish them on my blogpage itselt.and thanks ANNIKA for commenting on my blog and saying its nice (: updates yours so i can gush over it too!

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    aspire hub 

    four weeks down? or is it three weeks down?

    whatever it is only one week more to go and im gonna be free on wednesday.finally,one weekday where i dont have to stay back in school.although i have to admit creative writing class ain’t half bad.i get to gossip with annika and we get to write

    not that i love writing.i half hate it.but its just fun to let your imagination go wild since this year much of the imagination shall be expelled from the brain so that knowledge can come in.

    ouch.pimple is bleeding.listening to xin wei and squeezing all the dirty blood out

    phew.gone and now it just hurts like hell

    so today during creative writing class we learnt to show some things and not to just blurb it out and tell ’em

    the coffee was enjoyable

    the strong aroma of the coffee kick-started my senses.the freshly brewed coffee seemed to call out to me to take a sip.like a fish,i took the bait and lifted the cup to my lips

    this is the one me,annika,dylan yeo and yi da came up with

    the other group that do this was jane’s group.their ‘showing paragraph’

    the freshly brewed coffee’s aroma filled my nostrils as my mouth began to water.i gulped down the thick brown liquid in the snowy white porcelain cup to the last drop

    well,the nostrils part sounds a little off.but still pretty well done

    i am nervous

    rivulets of sweat rolled down my face.unconsciously,i started chewing on my finger nails. my eyes darted about nervously,my stomach churned threatening to bowl over

    ivan group’s ‘showing paragraph’.what i can say : woah.what does rivulets even mean?

    rivulets = a small stream; streamlet; brook

    okay,well i should seriously be reading more teenage books.vocabulary boost needed (: RAWR

    oh no,just realised have to finish yu wei’s auto book by tmrw.and mr tan’s examinations are tmrw.GOOD LUCK MR TAN!

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    woooooo…just came back from Pei Tong around half an hour ago.before i start ranting,i know i know i know i need to edit the previous photos because the body of my blog is huge (: smile

    i want to make the column on the left slightly wider [width] anyone knows how to? i asked Terence to help me but he couldn’t get it either.not good with HTML

    again before i start the ranting again,here’s my spending list for just a single day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ STOP SPENDING MONEY ISABELLA!

    1. Pokka Green Tea [im obsessed with you] $1
    2. Instant Noodles [you’re a complete waste of money] $1.60
    3. Random magazine [reason later] $3
    4. 8 DAYS [my weekly dose of celeb news in print paper] $2
    5. Lemon bubble green tea [i needa liquid] $1.30

    total expenditure : $8.90

    dead.oh wait plus transport = $1.50 + $8.90 = $9.40

    well anyway i stole some coins from somewhere (: it was so rushed this whole day

    first i followed gab and than i begged xin wei to let me bunk in her house til three.she gave in.than i once again managed to beg her to let me go home and get me stuff [sports shoes,knee-pads]

    and than we went to her house.we first went to 7 Eleven to get our lunch [me and gaby] and they got totally distracted at the magazine corner coz the cover page was of Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith.they begged me to buy the mag so i did.it cost me $3.thanks a lot guys and i dont even have it with me

    its with xin wei.she said she’ll return it to me tmrw.but how? no clue

    at around three gab and i were using xin wei’s computer while she and her lil bro were having lunch and watching Naruto.than gab started saying how she should be doing her homework than it got to me

    homework = homework file = consent form for training sessions

    while i went psycho coz mr moiz said that if we didnt have the consent form we couldnt train so i took the bus back and ran back home,took the consent form than ran to the bus-stop and waited for 184 to come [with xin wei and gab in it] than we left

    phew.made it on time

    training started by running four rounds than we did passing and than formation.hated it but it was fun.better than staying at home anyway

    ta-ta people.isha’s too tired to post anymore (:

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    dot [.] poo 

    Social Interview.com asked me: What is the funniest thing Isabella Cai has ever done?

    Mark Hoh answered: fall into my arms. haha i love being 1) gay 2) dumb 3) retarded

    Isabella Cai

    have i ever done that? RETARD ๐Ÿ˜€
    Mark Hoh
    haha yea that loving feeling when girls insult me… =D
    Isabella Cai
    Don Loke
    haha mark u so cute………………
    Isabella Cai
    cute my foot.hey that rhymes
    Grace Cai
    ….. u like it when girls insult u…maybe i shd stop insulting u…or shd i not???

    Isabella Cai
    you should insult nicely
    Don Loke
    Yeah like – mark dear,please stop insulting me,gu chi gu chi goo…
    Isabella Cai
    ew ew ew…thats just plain gay
    Grace Cai
    EWWWWW…that is not grace’s style
    Don Loke
    What?! a gay conversation with a gay….wats wrong with tat
    Isabella Cai
    urgh…so now you’re admitting your gay? CONGRATS!
    Don Loke
    Who me? no way!is just that u need to talk gay with a gay
    Mark Hoh
    you guys are too lame
    Don Loke
    U r more
    Isabella Cai
    im not lame.i can walk and run you know?
    Don Loke
    ya she even plays tchoukball.(whatever that is)
    Isabella Cai
    SEE! you said you knew what it is than now you don’t know -.-
    Mark Hoh
    urgh i need time to adjust to the don โ™ฅ isa thing..
    Isabella Cai
    Don Loke
    Shut up mark! U have rui jing, no ?
    Mark Hoh
    wat no how many times must i say we’re done. i want isa ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅ
    Mark Hoh
    hehe don loke scared already! competing with the pro you will LOSE
    Isabella Cai
    you guys will die half-way through the journey.MUAHAHAHA
    all of us are total retards (:
    isabella cai edited this whole post,removed all the profile photos and time [s] when comments were commented.hope you appreciated it.here are all the profile pics.mine’s above.all small so you cant identify us!
    Mark Hoh mark hoh – the person who created all this commotion.his gay and is apparently married to don.

    Don Lokedon loke – mark’s husband.this is all for fun mind you.their utterly straight guys.obsessed with Avatar hence his nickname Avatee

    Grace Caigrace cai – obsessed with spongebob.coz he rocks.totally agreed grace

    • grace cai 7:54 am on April 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      i โค spongebob hahahahahahahahah

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