Burj Khalifa

computerized picture of Burj Khalifa

i checked it online and ‘Burj’ means tower in Arab [i think] suddenly decided to search up on Dubai coz some of the tchoukball guys are leaving SG for Dubai tmrw for their competition

can you believe there is no girls’ category? actually maybe you can.i asked my dad why and he said that there in Dubai they dont encourage girls to do sports.

Coach Francis was blabbering about how awesome the stuff in Dubai is.he went on and on and on like “when your go there,your should buy the leather shoes there coz its cheaper” and like “your must go and see the mud houses there”

the girls were just sitting behind the boys and you know how hard it is to tolerate listening to all the amazing stuff in Dubai?

i also checked out the five-star hotel Burj Al Arab.it costs a minimum of USD 2k per night for the normal room and USD 28k for the suite.