i love tees


from LEVIS.under the girls section on their website. USD$18


also from LEVIS.USD $18 why is it so cheap over there? i need to steal some cash and go to the U.S seriously

for the girl rocker

USD $18

quite girl.rumper


skinny jeans blackout


all their jeans are really straight and clean.i hate those stupid jeans they sell along the street with those beads and lace flowers.the point of jeans is to look clean and cool

girl roxanna ruffle dress.its so damn short.i guess you'll just have to pair it with leggings

i seriously want all these clothes 🙂 LEVIS IS AWESOME.and so is nike.before we move onto nike lets look at baby levis

oh so kawaii


so we’re done with levis.the point of posting these are so that you can buy them for me! haha.just kidding.but it would be nice if i got them for my birthday.which is in less than three months! or two months…im bad at math.

i recently got a new nike tee which is why im looking at other nike tees

ok.store.nike.com is not so nice to allow me to copy their damn images but all the tops are really nice

just do it

whats a tankini?

tankini from Roxy

oh thats a tankini.thank god for the internet