awesome shiz

the march holidays haven’t been spent well.much of it was spent on fun and obviously not studying.up til today [SUNDAY] i’ve still not finished my homework

holiday homework :-

  1. read an interesting newspaper article [english] CHECK
  2. watch a 20min news segment [english] CHECK
  3. math workbook pg 35-44 CHECK
  4. math workbook pg 45-60
  5. science.reading
  6. san guo yan yi zhu ge liang mind-map
  7. chinese two journal entries
  8. 11 online assignments 8 DONE.CHECK

now is down and the other assignments left are due in April so…


went to uncle timothy’s house to discuss our plans for the super sandwich day.than went to Parkway Parade to get our ingredients and had snacks at the food-court.than went back to his house to swim/play wii than had rained though while we were raining so we had to end fun-time šŸ˜¦ stupid rain

it has been raining consecutively for three days,this being the third day.every morning my toes are always frozen but thankfully no runny nose or sneezes

me wearing aunty ann's sun hat

and im wearing the nike tee šŸ˜€ STRIPEEEY!

at dover waiting for jess to pick us up

the olympic-size swimming pool at The Makena

sea view from uncle tim's house

bought ice-cream.$3.50 for expensive but it was pretty delish

jess and bernice

it rained we danced in the rain

the umbrella man

very old uncle john *green neon hearts*

we tattooed him

group pix #1

group pix #2

group pix #3



super sandwich day

the other girls' penguin

zhi en and joel's pac-man

me and bernice's sheep


its suppose to be a butterfly

<3its a piano.made by the boys



even though we didnt win anything.i ā¤ the primary sixes of COR ā¤ ā¤ ā¤