rock victorious

today was rock victorious

started of kinda rainy.well,coz it rained

than i cleaned the whole toilet.the common toilet which is along the corridor of the second level of my house.well there are only two levels in my house and the first level doesn’t have a toilet.

so i totally cleaned.the sink,the toilet bowl,the wall and i rearranged the towels.haha.i guess aloysius was right about me being a neat freak

than when i was about to bathe the phone rang.i picked it up and it was my mum.she told me to like go bathe than she would come home than we would go to get baby daniel a present coz today is his first month!

18th march 2010

oooh…kelly clarkson’s new song is nice.ok maybe its not new but to the radio it is


than we went to TANGS at Orchid.we got him a little body suit 🙂 i saw this really cute body-suit.light blue with a gigantic face of baby mickey in the middle.extremely was for babies 0-3 months.perfect.but something else caught my mum’s eye and we got him something slightly less cute but still cute

extremely cutee

and we got him this learning mat thingy.basically its this really huge colourful mat with cartoon animals on it and there is this thing that you can attached to it and stuff dangles from it

dunno what its called though.haha

than we went shopping.i got this Nike tee.really nice.striped and pink.with a little yellow and i got this sweater from Homegrown.super can ‘customize’ it because there are straps and buttons and you can just attached a strap to a button there or get the idea

got *ahem* other stuff too

and than visited baby daniel.he is just the cutest thing ever.a sleeping baby though.always sleeping