the irony

see my blog url?

Uncle Kracker is playing on the radio make smile like the sun fall out of plan sing like a bird….

i actually just heard it and typed it down.than i lost track and losing track is not a worry coz my first-term examinations are over.not as commotion-al as the year-end exam last year and i can predict the future that its gonna be crazy when we finish our PSLE although i can promise you that i won’t be one of those people screaming.i’ll be the one covering my ears

status on facebook

first we had awesome char-siew rice.than we went to shermaine’s house to give her a little birthday party than went to the playground.jayne and grace knocked me out on the see-saw and than me and jayne ran down grass-hills and watched dogs poo than we had tuition where we ate sour-heads and squinted out eyes

nice.and let me describe in detail what happened

the char-siew rice

oooh placebo is playing on the radio now šŸ˜€ currently my favourite song ‘Bright Lights’ and today ‘Alice in Wonderland’ opens in cinemas.wanna go watch.ok back to the point.just after recess cheryn asked me if i could go to her house and i was like ‘uh i dunnooo *gets nudged by jayne* i cant’

tuition was the reason to this mis-conception

than so after two and a half hours of reading ‘Chinese Cinderella’ school was coming to an end.Mr Tan was marking exam papers while we did our own crap.i finally finished CC now going onto another Adeline Yen book lent to me by THE PRECIOUS JAYNEY!

i turned on my phone and saw that jayne’s mum smsed me and said that she wasn’t cooking lunch and ask like ‘so how?’ and than i told jayne and she called her mum after school but than ended up going to her house and not to cheryn’s house coz her mum already bought char-siew and chicken rice

ridiculously fun recess

today after our science paper there was only 45 minutes left so no chinese banding.we had this crazy chinese version of mr woon entering out class to relief us coz mr lee didn’t come.he is so annoying its like if i could do anything without getting into trouble,i would have slapped him like 1000 times.than when he brought us down for recess we were apparently making too much noise and he was pissed so he just stopped mid-way betweeen level 7 and 6 and we were just stoning at him than after approximately 8 minutes he said something miraculous to my ears

na xie you ‘prefect duty’ de ke yi xian xia qu’

translation : those who have prefect duty may go down first

so i bounced all the way down those seven levels in my marshmellowish uniform and faithfully went to do my duty.jayne later hunted me down to go find mr moiz to ask if there was tchoukball this is how it went

‘mr moiz is there training tmrw?’

‘no what…here it says [points to schedule] there is no training tmrw’

‘but there’s staff training next friday and you cant make it but in the schedule you wrote there is training’

‘erm…ok so you want training?’

‘yeah,coach francis leh?’

‘ok there’s training tmrw’

‘SUCCESS! *cheers* and *bunny ears*’

than when we left the staffroom jayne suddenly got high and started slapping me with her recess food.bread with egg.bad idea when its in an open plastic bag coz suddenly everything fell out onto the floor right outside the staffroom.precious.that moment was precious.than jayne had to pick up the egg and bread on the floor.

than we went to the toilet to sms her mum.than she was standing outside this cubicle with my phone than i was like ‘GO IN LA!’ than she banged into the toilet aunty.super super hilarious.than the aunty smiled.we politely apologised and went into another cubicle

another precious moment.

yesterday’s recess

after recess lining up…

stands behind ryan,dylan and john.partnering mavis.ok…too lazy to post about THIS now.

actually im quite lazy to finish this post so i’ll continue it tmrw but i’ll publish it first for your reading pleasure šŸ˜€ it’s the 5th of more post about today coming up soon.dont where did i stop? oh…

war-heads and mango flavoured tic tacs and jayne went to the mini-mart downstairs her house to get these little treats.i think i ate too many tic tacs coz after tuition i had this really bad stomach-ache.after we bathed we went down to the mini-mart again to get Shermaine’s gift.didn’t post this yesterday but here is is today


woah thats huge.i bought her a packet of flower-shaped marshmellows and jayne got some other random nonsense including a can of coke.we wrapped the precious gifts in newspaper and we had this especially nice ‘Classifieds’ newspaper as the cover.jayne wrote on ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERMAINE’ and than we put the coke in a plastic bag and shook it really hard.we called shermaine’s home but she wasn’t in so i called her HP and she was at grace’s we called grace and shermaine to meet up at shermaine’s house and than jayne bought five packets of cheese balls and some onion chicken rings

when we reached her house.we made her open the coke…we already prepared a mini champagne-inspired tower of four cups.three for the base and one for the tip than Shermaine had the honour [ as birthday girl ] to pour the lovely coke which i dropped a tic tac in earlier to make it fizz a little

quite a failure i must admit.

than we had tuition and thats the end of the truly amazing story of 4th March