out of the blue

ok today was quite awesome.this blog is turning out to be pretty good right? i mean seriously…im  mature [ any objection? ] and this is a blog so mature girl + blog = awesome blog

rui rebelled and created a blog.her mum doesn’t allow but she claims her mum doesn’t care anymore so she just created a blog…not too sure about it yet

me and rui were chatting on MSN and we were talking nonsense.i said i got married in the Maldives and i had a grand wedding + wedding dinner and than me and my husband went to Japan for our honeymoon.i said that me and my husband have three dogs and five hamsters.we dont keep fish because they are small and forgettable.me and my husband tried keeping a fish last year but it unfortunately died

total nonsense right? but thats what makes us awesome

i cant believe khai xin’s birthday is over.it was just on sunday and now its wednesday approaching thursday and than after next week term one is over.time is passing by increasingly scarily this year but i think it’s because we have the same boring time-table everyday…just do homework and facebook and for some others like me,blog

chinese paper wasn’t that tough.math is so far the toughest and tmrw we’re having our last paper so *bliss*

gotta really study for science although mr tan is like “its not about the general knowledge,its about the application and how you break down the question” which i guess is true

today after i left school i went to the pet shop and than i turned on my phone.i realised that natalie tried calling me four times.than i received the fifth call saying that her mum wanted to treat me to Pizza Hut i said ok but i asked her if she could meet me at the pet shop to help me choose what to get for poco

ended up getting poco hamster-safe almonds and a new apple-shaped ceramic hide-out

killed my pocket though.total costs was $13.25

the almonds cost $5.80 and poco doesnt like them D:

than had beef lasagna at pizza hut

not too bad

bye and loves