‘my math paper screwed me today’

those were the words said by isabella cai on the 2nd march 2010 at 2:17 pm.i have a very good reason to change my blog not one of those stupid people who just change their blogs coz they think their life is awesome.mine is truly on the way down from our horribly boring seventh-level classroom.mavish and i were singing ‘If we ever meet again’ by Timbaland feat. Katy Perry

have been requesting for that song on 98.7fm lately for fun but i think i’ll stop coz each request [ via sms ] costs SG$0.30 which is pretty expensive for a three-minute melody

they keep emphasizing that its only SG$0.30 but its not just only.think about the people in Haiti and lately in Chile too

what i did when i couldn’t solve the freaking question for math :

-took out calculator and started typing

9285 249 122149 9285464 191466 346 192 2441 18191

go figure it out.its sms language.but the numbers are not accurate coz the numbers are upside-down from the calculator – to – the phone

im pretty prepared for the chinese exam tmrw but i just realised that we are also tested for composition.unhappy.really grumpy now and if i have math tuition i can say ‘SHIT’ for the whole world to hear