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    Burj Khalifa

    computerized picture of Burj Khalifa

    i checked it online and ‘Burj’ means tower in Arab [i think] suddenly decided to search up on Dubai coz some of the tchoukball guys are leaving SG for Dubai tmrw for their competition

    can you believe there is no girls’ category? actually maybe you can.i asked my dad why and he said that there in Dubai they dont encourage girls to do sports.

    Coach Francis was blabbering about how awesome the stuff in Dubai is.he went on and on and on like “when your go there,your should buy the leather shoes there coz its cheaper” and like “your must go and see the mud houses there”

    the girls were just sitting behind the boys and you know how hard it is to tolerate listening to all the amazing stuff in Dubai?

    i also checked out the five-star hotel Burj Al Arab.it costs a minimum of USD 2k per night for the normal room and USD 28k for the suite.


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    awesome shiz 

    the march holidays haven’t been spent well.much of it was spent on fun and obviously not studying.up til today [SUNDAY] i’ve still not finished my homework

    holiday homework :-

    1. read an interesting newspaper article [english] CHECK
    2. watch a 20min news segment [english] CHECK
    3. math workbook pg 35-44 CHECK
    4. math workbook pg 45-60
    5. science.reading
    6. san guo yan yi zhu ge liang mind-map
    7. chinese two journal entries
    8. 11 online assignments 8 DONE.CHECK

    now lead.com.sg is down and the other assignments left are due in April so…


    went to uncle timothy’s house to discuss our plans for the super sandwich day.than went to Parkway Parade to get our ingredients and had snacks at the food-court.than went back to his house to swim/play wii than had dinner.it rained though while we were raining so we had to end fun-time 😦 stupid rain

    it has been raining consecutively for three days,this being the third day.every morning my toes are always frozen but thankfully no runny nose or sneezes

    me wearing aunty ann's sun hat

    and im wearing the nike tee 😀 STRIPEEEY!

    at dover waiting for jess to pick us up

    the olympic-size swimming pool at The Makena

    sea view from uncle tim's house

    bought ice-cream.$3.50 for mine.so expensive but it was pretty delish

    jess and bernice

    it rained half-way.so we danced in the rain

    the umbrella man

    very old uncle john *green neon hearts*

    we tattooed him

    group pix #1

    group pix #2

    group pix #3



    super sandwich day

    the other girls' penguin

    zhi en and joel's pac-man

    me and bernice's sheep

    MY DOMO!

    its suppose to be a butterfly

    <3its a piano.made by the boys



    even though we didnt win anything.i ❤ the primary sixes of COR ❤ ❤ ❤

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    i love tees 


    from LEVIS.under the girls section on their website. USD$18


    also from LEVIS.USD $18 why is it so cheap over there? i need to steal some cash and go to the U.S seriously

    for the girl rocker

    USD $18

    quite girl.rumper


    skinny jeans blackout


    all their jeans are really straight and clean.i hate those stupid jeans they sell along the street with those beads and lace flowers.the point of jeans is to look clean and cool

    girl roxanna ruffle dress.its so damn short.i guess you'll just have to pair it with leggings

    i seriously want all these clothes 🙂 LEVIS IS AWESOME.and so is nike.before we move onto nike lets look at baby levis

    oh so kawaii


    so we’re done with levis.the point of posting these are so that you can buy them for me! haha.just kidding.but it would be nice if i got them for my birthday.which is in less than three months! or two months…im bad at math.

    i recently got a new nike tee which is why im looking at other nike tees

    ok.store.nike.com is not so nice to allow me to copy their damn images but all the tops are really nice

    just do it

    whats a tankini?

    tankini from Roxy

    oh thats a tankini.thank god for the internet

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    rock victorious 

    today was rock victorious

    started of kinda rainy.well,coz it rained

    than i cleaned the whole toilet.the common toilet which is along the corridor of the second level of my house.well there are only two levels in my house and the first level doesn’t have a toilet.

    so i totally cleaned.the sink,the toilet bowl,the wall and i rearranged the towels.haha.i guess aloysius was right about me being a neat freak

    than when i was about to bathe the phone rang.i picked it up and it was my mum.she told me to like go bathe than she would come home than we would go to get baby daniel a present coz today is his first month!

    18th march 2010

    oooh…kelly clarkson’s new song is nice.ok maybe its not new but to the radio it is


    than we went to TANGS at Orchid.we got him a little body suit 🙂 i saw this really cute body-suit.light blue with a gigantic face of baby mickey in the middle.extremely cute.it was for babies 0-3 months.perfect.but something else caught my mum’s eye and we got him something slightly less cute but still cute

    extremely cutee

    and we got him this learning mat thingy.basically its this really huge colourful mat with cartoon animals on it and there is this thing that you can attached to it and stuff dangles from it

    dunno what its called though.haha

    than we went shopping.i got this Nike tee.really nice.striped and pink.with a little yellow and i got this sweater from Homegrown.super chic.you can ‘customize’ it because there are straps and buttons and you can just attached a strap to a button there or here.you get the idea

    got *ahem* other stuff too

    and than visited baby daniel.he is just the cutest thing ever.a sleeping baby though.always sleeping

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    mac and cheese <3 

    mac n cheesie goodness


    the closest image to the version that me and jing cooked that day.the rest looked pukey on google image search

    blah blah blah

    want to see the mac and cheese we cooked? its on jing’s facebook profile.all pretty blurry.taken by her camera phone.its in baby pink.her phone.really cute and really easy to type on.sony ericsson.

    that day was really awesome-sauce.some photos to depict the day for you so you dont have to add me as a friend on facebook and see my photos


    stop and stare


    xin wei being a complete gleek

    jump shot!


    getting ready


    thinking of the consequences

    the great jump

    the canon camera has mystic powers

    my feet are too big


    big bird coming to rescue me


    ROFL literally

    taller than you


    photo credits to xin wei

    chewing on pearls

    reiko looking CHIO

    the three muskateers




    laughing our heads off about how retarded we are

    the great gnarled tree

    sky blue converse

    10 shots per 10 seconds

    the story

    ok so it started at 10am.i received rui’s sms that she wanted to come at 11 and i said ok than i looked at the clock.my sister asked me to vacuum the floor coz rui was coming so i did than after that i picked rui up from the taxi stand and we headed up to my house

    than we went up to my room and i showed her my hair bands.me and my sister share these awesome hair bands that range from $1.50 to $10.now let me count how many we have in total…

    we have 14 altogether.hehe.nice

    than we went to Fairprice Finest to buy the ingredients for mac and cheese

    went back up to start the stove!

    rui just started snapping all the pics.no pics up yet coz their still in my Olympus and the cam-whore shots were taken by the Canon which i secretly stole from my brother.

    than we were eating mac and cheese with Poco.yes he was eating with us.but than he ‘threw’ [yes hamsters can throw stuff using their teeth] his mac piece at me and started running all over the table

    we also fried scrambled eggs =v=

    than we met up with xin wei than CAM-WHORING.


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    i made it 

    sudden obsession with him

    yes people that is kevin rudolf

    i so cannot believe he only has 9000 plus fans on facebook.he should have at least 400,000.that sounds right.i just found out the birdman adopted lil’ wayne and jay sean is really really really muscular

    if you have been observant enough,all the people’s names i have bolded have sung/rapped in ‘I Made It’ by Kevin Rudolf.when i first heard the name Kevin Rudolf on the radio i thought

    fat.african american in his forties.

    so proven wrong.his quite hot actually

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    as mad as mad hatter 

    why must he look so awesome in make-up?

    its amazing how Johnny Depp looks normal in make-up.i mean he is a dude.his straight.he is Vanessa Paradis’ domestic partner.his forty-six

    i dont really get what the difference between domestic partner and spouse is.i mean two people who are in love but refuse to spend money on a grand wedding? i dont know.you decide

    anyway…some photos from Mr Moiz BBQ birthday celebration last saturday 6th March at BBCC rooftop


    the girls



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    plucking passionfruit 

    have a couple of post to post but meanwhile here are some photos i took during CNY in Malaysia


    pretty in pink

    you make me smile

    the place

    the people

    the fun

    the beautiful town scenery

    walking on sunshine

    i painted the sky

    tattered and torn

    playing with fire

    now she's playing with fire


    green = chlorophyll doing what its suppose to do

    cousin in the midst of passionfruit

    fruit pon

    my mum abuses passion-fruit…she scoops those little spawn-like seeds and puts them in drinks and vanilla ice-cream.honestly it doesn’t taste that bad

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    green-tongue monster

    grassy love

    when you say something too late

    walking back

    guess who?

    guess who times two

    forever and always

    forever and always #2

    the first steps

    the second steps

    i totally ruined the photo

    tchoukball professionals

    photo-blog post

    nothing much to say because as they say…a picture says a million words.a million is a lot

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    the irony 

    see my blog url? littlekracker.wordpress.com?

    Uncle Kracker is playing on the radio now.you make smile like the sun fall out of plan sing like a bird….

    i actually just heard it and typed it down.than i lost track and losing track is not a worry coz my first-term examinations are over.not as commotion-al as the year-end exam last year and i can predict the future that its gonna be crazy when we finish our PSLE although i can promise you that i won’t be one of those people screaming.i’ll be the one covering my ears

    status on facebook

    first we had awesome char-siew rice.than we went to shermaine’s house to give her a little birthday party than went to the playground.jayne and grace knocked me out on the see-saw and than me and jayne ran down grass-hills and watched dogs poo than we had tuition where we ate sour-heads and squinted out eyes

    nice.and let me describe in detail what happened

    the char-siew rice

    oooh placebo is playing on the radio now 😀 currently my favourite song ‘Bright Lights’ and today ‘Alice in Wonderland’ opens in cinemas.wanna go watch.ok back to the point.just after recess cheryn asked me if i could go to her house and i was like ‘uh i dunnooo *gets nudged by jayne* i cant’

    tuition was the reason to this mis-conception

    than so after two and a half hours of reading ‘Chinese Cinderella’ school was coming to an end.Mr Tan was marking exam papers while we did our own crap.i finally finished CC now going onto another Adeline Yen book lent to me by THE PRECIOUS JAYNEY!

    i turned on my phone and saw that jayne’s mum smsed me and said that she wasn’t cooking lunch and ask like ‘so how?’ and than i told jayne and she called her mum after school but than ended up going to her house and not to cheryn’s house coz her mum already bought char-siew and chicken rice

    ridiculously fun recess

    today after our science paper there was only 45 minutes left so no chinese banding.we had this crazy chinese version of mr woon entering out class to relief us coz mr lee didn’t come.he is so annoying its like if i could do anything without getting into trouble,i would have slapped him like 1000 times.than when he brought us down for recess we were apparently making too much noise and he was pissed so he just stopped mid-way betweeen level 7 and 6 and we were just stoning at him than after approximately 8 minutes he said something miraculous to my ears

    na xie you ‘prefect duty’ de ke yi xian xia qu’

    translation : those who have prefect duty may go down first

    so i bounced all the way down those seven levels in my marshmellowish uniform and faithfully went to do my duty.jayne later hunted me down to go find mr moiz to ask if there was tchoukball training.so this is how it went

    ‘mr moiz is there training tmrw?’

    ‘no what…here it says [points to schedule] there is no training tmrw’

    ‘but there’s staff training next friday and you cant make it but in the schedule you wrote there is training’

    ‘erm…ok so you want training?’

    ‘yeah,coach francis leh?’

    ‘ok there’s training tmrw’

    ‘SUCCESS! *cheers* and *bunny ears*’

    than when we left the staffroom jayne suddenly got high and started slapping me with her recess food.bread with egg.bad idea when its in an open plastic bag coz suddenly everything fell out onto the floor right outside the staffroom.precious.that moment was precious.than jayne had to pick up the egg and bread on the floor.

    than we went to the toilet to sms her mum.than she was standing outside this cubicle with my phone than i was like ‘GO IN LA!’ than she banged into the toilet aunty.super super hilarious.than the aunty smiled.we politely apologised and went into another cubicle

    another precious moment.

    yesterday’s recess

    after recess lining up…

    stands behind ryan,dylan and john.partnering mavis.ok…too lazy to post about THIS now.

    actually im quite lazy to finish this post so i’ll continue it tmrw but i’ll publish it first for your reading pleasure 😀

    continued.now it’s the 5th of march.one more post about today coming up soon.dont worry.so where did i stop? oh…

    war-heads and mango flavoured tic tacs

    yep.me and jayne went to the mini-mart downstairs her house to get these little treats.i think i ate too many tic tacs coz after tuition i had this really bad stomach-ache.after we bathed we went down to the mini-mart again to get Shermaine’s gift.didn’t post this yesterday but here is is today


    woah thats huge.i bought her a packet of flower-shaped marshmellows and jayne got some other random nonsense including a can of coke.we wrapped the precious gifts in newspaper and we had this especially nice ‘Classifieds’ newspaper as the cover.jayne wrote on ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERMAINE’ and than we put the coke in a plastic bag and shook it really hard.we called shermaine’s home but she wasn’t in so i called her HP and she was at grace’s house.so we called grace and shermaine to meet up at shermaine’s house and than jayne bought five packets of cheese balls and some onion chicken rings

    when we reached her house.we made her open the coke…we already prepared a mini champagne-inspired tower of four cups.three for the base and one for the tip than Shermaine had the honour [ as birthday girl ] to pour the lovely coke which i dropped a tic tac in earlier to make it fizz a little

    quite a failure i must admit.

    than we had tuition and thats the end of the truly amazing story of 4th March

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